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In A Good Place?

If any of you are familiar with NBC's "The Good Place", Chidi is the character I most relate to.  In the attempt to be an ethical person (particularly if you're over educated and hyperaware of potential consequences), indecision can become crippling.  I hope I'm slightly less locked in my head than poor Chidi gets, but I am guilty of over thinking and under acting.

I've hit the 3rd month in the apartment with hours of recorded footage, and no full episodes to show.  I have figured out a few issues that were holding me up.  I now have a phone friendly tripod and figured out how to use my current software to add subtitles (for the hearing impaired or people who just need to watch videos silently).

I do at least have this introduction video to show and am making headway on Episode 1.

Trying to push myself forward rather than beat myself up.  As previously mentioned, I work full time.  I live alone, no dish washer, and I'm going carless.  My volunteers have been scarce.  So it takes longer to do everything, and I'm a little worn out most days.  Being a pasty and not naturally photogenic gal, I can have a good 20 to 30 minutes worth of makeup application before shooting so I don't look like a zombie.

But, the bills are paid, gradually making progress on the goals for the year.  Part of me really wants to take a temp job through the holidays and hit those goals faster, but I think until I'm getting videos out at a regular pace, this needs to be my focus.

Really need to hit 100 subscribers, so I can use custom thumbnails...yikes.

P.S. We did not hit the sponsor goal to do a 5th week of the $1/day food challenge, but I was honestly ready to be done with it.  Now on the $1/meal budget, which is our recommended starting amount.

Tags: time management, videos
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