minimumwager (minimumwager) wrote,

You're Waiting on Videos Because I'm Waiting on Internet

Long story short, due to a website glytch, I was supposed to get internet installed last Saturday, but waiting for this Saturday.  Using various public wifi sources to post quick updates and check e-mail.

So quick update.  I am in the apartment.  I am 10 days in to the $1/day eating challenge, and other than never wanting to see another kindey bean for the rest of my life, it's going okay.  Detail to come with the videos.

To make this work, I'm going carless.  So I sound exhausted in a lot of my food clips because it's often me around 10pm, after an 8 hour workday and some literal running around and an hour of cooking making some comments.  (Very limited caffeine access.)  For the most part, my energy level is pretty good.  But aside from apartment prep I've had some additional errands for the day job to do.)

I have a friend who has volunteered to be a camera man, but he's got some family commitments keeping him busy.  So as soon as we can get together (or I can rig up a tripod) there will be videos.  First premise videos, then weekly updates (with a 1 or 2 week delay).

(And now I'm off to walk for an hour and half because I forgot something at the store yesterday. *sigh*)
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