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MinimumWageSINK YouTube Series is Go

Worked out some issues and think I'm over my YouTube malaise now.  Things are moving a bit fast, but I'm starting in the new apartment on Friday.  A couple links to start:

To follow on YouTube, subscribe to MinimumWageSINK. (Need subscribers to get a custom URL)
To support the project, please check out the MinimumWageSINK Patreon Page (

Will try to explain the premise better in the first video, but basically I'm getting a small apartment.  To start out I'll have just a backpack full of stuff and $1500... Desposits, application fee, and first month's rent are coming out of that $ it whittles down to $240 after that.

The challenge will be to furnish and decorate the apartment, build a wardrobe, and set up a well stocked pantry, while living off a minimum wage income.

For the first month, I'm also going to do a $1 per day food challenge as well.
Tags: shelter, videos
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