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Moving Forward With Financial Goals

Back in June, I mentioned that I had 3 savings goals before leaving home for my apartment project. Happy to say I've hit those 3 goals, and I know it's time to move forward with the video series.

But I admit I'm having a little trouble with motivation.

Some of it is tiredness. I'm working full time at my day job, plus babysitting, plus the home business. Part of it is funding. I'm ready for the apartment on a personal financial level, but I'd like to upgrade my video editing software and recording equipment and get a little buzz going. Another part of it is a reluctance to jump into the drama that is YouTube. Fear is the wrong word, but reading up on the flack and threats many other YouTubers deal with regularly puts a damper on the enthusiasm I need.

I've spent the last couple weeks wrestling with my new budget since I hit my IRA goal. Think I've got that worked out and will go into it more in the next post. But I'm not as far along with promoting the video series as I should be. I know other YouTubers have started simple and built their audience over time, but I'm not looking to be Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey. This is a one-year project, and then I hope to move on to others.

I do think part of what I need to do is get back on the blogging horse. The last few months have been a lot of saving and not spending, which doesn't make for exciting blog posts....and that's part of the reason I want to do the video series. At 37, I've already built up a lot of my basics, so hard to show progress in an engaging way.
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