minimumwager (minimumwager) wrote,

2017 That Twas and the 2018 to Come

I did end up getting a seasonal job in October and added a regular babysitting job in August, but mainly I've just been significantly cutting down my time on the internet to deal with offline projects. There was a longer than intended break from writing and creative projects, which was probably good for my mental health if not so much for the size of my to-do pile.

Just before Christmas break, my day job has asked me to move from part time to full time on a trial basis which is going to help a lot with income goals and probably make that second job unnecessary. Also looking forward to having regular benefits again, at least for a while. On the downside, my vehicle died, but I was able to work out a temporary arrangement to keep getting to my job.

I hit 2 out of 3 of my savings goals, and should be on track to hit the third within 4 months.

So I am gearing up to actively promote my YouTube show in 2018. Hope to be putting out more details on that soon. Basic premise is I will get an apartment with just a backpack full of stuff and go through the process of living on minimum wage: buying food, furnishing the apartment, building a wardrobe, etc.
Tags: book update, goals, videos
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