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When the Price Is Wrong, Point It Out

I recently received a bill from my dermatologist for $125 dollars for a biopsy. However since I had already received a bill from the pathology group that does their biopsies for $103.55, this did not seem right. It was possible I had let the bill go long enough that my dermatologist had needed to pay it and was now charging me for that bill and their additional time, which would have not been entirely unreasonable.

But I didn’t want to pay for the same biopsy twice, so I called in to ask what was going on. Later that afternoon, I got a message on my voicemail that billing had already marked the charge as an error, and not only did I not owe them any money but should expect a $39 refund in the mail.

I have been to this particular doctor enough times that I have no reason to think they’re malicious in their billing. But doctors and billing offices are human beings and make mistakes. Unfortunately, some are regularly sloppy. (Not an accusation I’d hurl at this particular dermitologist, but my father has changed doctors before due to consistently sloppy billing.) So if there’s something hinky on your bill, don’t be afraid to point it out.

And yes, I will be paying that pathologist bill today. Late fees in this case would be my own fault.

Less dramatically, while buying candles for my sister’s birthday cupcakes, I noticed the candles I wanted had been left on peg labelled $0.99, and I know enough about retail to know it was the wrong sign for the product. All the comparable products around it were $1.99, and the barcode was wrong. But I pointed the sign out to the cashier, and the manager gave me the $1 off on my purchase. Hopefully it helped the store fix the sign, so other customers would not be misled.
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