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Still Waiting...

Have you liked the Living Single on Minimum Wage Facebook Page?  I've been slightly more active there, sharing articles and thought pieces that I hope are relevant to low income singles.  (Sharing the facebook page with others is one way to help support this book/blog.)

Otherwise one of those "I'm not dead" updates.  I've been sticking to the savings plan that I set up in January.  Been doing a lot of little home organizing projects, including trying to cook through the food in my pantry, since I'm trying to leave a minimal amount of clutter behind at my parents' home and not planning to take it with me for the YouTube show.

I'm setting some personal savings goals before I leave home.

EF $5000
Checking $500
IRA $5000 (and preferably moved to an investment fund(s); currently it's basically in a low interest savings account).

Hard to say exactly how long those will take.  After I get a list of to-do items caught up, I'm planning to take on a second job, so how soon I do that and how well it pays (and how long my vehicle survives without a major breakdown) will determine how quickly I hit my goals and can move forward.

I've done reasonably well staying on budget, and the business is creeping forward financially but still has some goals to hit to move forward.  So I hope you'll keep Amoeba Ink in mind with your summer shopping.  For readers, we're offering 50% off the Tomato Slices ebook until July 31st.

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