minimumwager (minimumwager) wrote,

Mainly Musing

We were prepping for a yardsale this weekend, but weather put us on a 2-week delay.  Hoping to use that time to encourage my family to squeeze out more dust collectors or forgotten things in boxes for the sale.

I want to try starting a Patreon to help support the blog and YouTube series, but I'm at a loss for rewards.  I know a lot of bloggers do additional content, but I feel like I'm pushing it just to keep up a basic blogging schedule.  So I'm definitely open to suggestions at this point.

Most of what I'm coming up with are challenges and maybe an "ask me anything" segment.

My personal finances (funded through my day job) are doing okay, but the business could use a boost so I can get some current projects off the back log.  Any purchase or promotion of Amoeba Ink products: is helpful.  I've got 3 or 4 paperbacks which need ISBN numbers, cover art, and an initial print run, before I can really turn my full concentration to the 2nd edition of Living Single on Minimum Wage and the YouTube series.

I am also looking for someone who might be willing to work on commission and promote/sell the company's fiction work.  Would prefer someone local to Nashville, but would probably consider anyone in the U.S.

Less dramatically, I'm planning to go through old posts to fix typos and hopefully merge some tags.
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